Environmental Protection

Nature in all its glory constantly blesses us with its bountiful resources. Unfortunately, too often, we use and abuse them. Mirabel firmly believes that doing our part for the environment starts with implementing environment-friendly practices and raising awareness among all our employees.

That is why, through its hydroponic growing methods stressing responsible use of resources, Mirabel is contributing to environmental protection and sustainable development. Grown afloat on beds of water, Mirabel products are free of dirt since minimal soil is used during the growing process. This procedure makes it possible to do without weed-killers and fungicides and reduce the need for pesticides.

This is how the company hopes to contribute to giving future generations a healthy environment.

Water Management

Hydroponics do not waste water; rather, the water is recycled and reused. To adjust the nutrient content, the water is recirculated without waste and reused year after year. Mirabel has developed the required equipment and know-how to conserve water and recycle it so that it remains healthy and safe while draining off only a minimal amount of pre-filtered water made safe for the environment.

Recyclable Packaging

To preserve food freshness and safety, Mirabel products must be individually wrapped.

However, aware of the vast quantities of packaging materials produced every day, Mirabel has made it a practice to use recyclable materials for its individual packaging and recycled materials for their shipment. All bags used by Mirabel are made of recycled plastic that is also recyclable. All rigid plastic containers are made of post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET 1). This type of plastic affords design flexibility, but, most importantly, it is recyclable.

Mirabel is always on the look out for new recyclable materials and new technologies becoming available and advocates on-going research for the development of ever more eco-friendly packaging.