Our Mission

Mirabel is a trademark owned by Hydroserre inc.

Hydroserre inc. has set itself the task to pursue a better customer experience. We want to be recognized as the benchmark in hydroponic lettuces as well as specialty lettuces. We aspire to produce, package and distribute a fresh product with high added value for the food industry, mainly in the North East of America.


Our Vision

To be the best in our industry. To become a model of efficiency with our installations and the quality of our products. We want to be proud of the efficacity of our operations and the work quality of our employees.


Corporate Values


We are committed to promoting respect for each employee. Every employee must respect their colleagues, superiors, customers and their work environment.


We want to cultivate a climate of mutual trust in the daily relationships between individuals. We trust each employee and their willingness to work effectively in the interests of the company.


We value honest relationships between employees and the company. The property of each individual and the company must be respected. The reputations must be protected. The effort at work must be constant.


We commit ourselves to act impartially in labor relations, human relations and the maintenance of discipline. Everyone will be treated with justice and fairness.


We value a safe and healthy workplace and we demand that employees work in compliance with safety standards and instructions.

Equity in employment

We offer equal employment opportunities and working conditions for all, without discrimination and without exclusion. We are looking for the integration of all groups.

No harassement

Every employee has the right to work without any discrimination, comments, behaviour or actions that may offend or humiliate them.

Mirabel's Commitment

Mirabel is committed to its industry and its community. As such, we are proud to promote values such as sharing and mutual aid.

Our company is a member of all the following organizations:

As a corporate citizen highly aware of its social responsibilities, we also tender our support to many humanitarian and social causes, such as food banks, local hospitals, youth centers and homeless shelters as well as many other charitable organizations.